FUMC plans to provide compostable plates, cups and cutlery for use at each breakfast after the remodel is completed.  All leftovers that are not donated to other charities will also be composted.  Help us to make this goal a reality.



FMP cracks, scrambles and serves more than 100,000 eggs each year.  Cracking eggs is the first task to be tackled each morning at the breakfast.  The remodel is essential to the continuation of this work.


FMP serves 400 cups of coffee at each breakfast.  This service allows guest to relax and visit in a dry, safe space while awaiting breakfast to begin.  New, more durable coffee equipment will be a welcome upgrade to the kitchen.


Foundation for the Homeless employs a uniformed Austin police officer at each breakfast.  The officers working our breakfast are members of the City of Austin’s Homeless Outreach Street Team (HOST) which focuses on finding avenues for homeless individuals to find a more stable lifestyle.

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